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Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Simple and So Environmental

I absolutely love wooden toys. I have bought some that our daughter will probably never use because I thought the design so clever or because they appealed to me aesthetically. We have very few plastic toys in our home and none with electronic noise or lights except for a toy cell phone. The Kaz princess is obsessed with cell phones . We hardly ever use them ourselves. She was hooked the first time our Kazakh translator pulled hers out in the bank to keep my baby occupied while I tried to exchange money. Now I get to hear the "hello" chant several times a day.

These toy blocks are based on an old Waldorf inspired design. They are not cheap in toy stores or catalogues and yet anyone can make them. Last fall when my husband had to prune our 30 year old apple trees, I knew just the use to put those branches. He cut them up in several different sizes and I sanded the ends. Viola- beautiful, free blocks that my toddler loves to use and stack because of their simple cylindrical shape. Some she can use in the future for imaginary play and others I plan to use next year to build a fairy tree house. These blocks are the first toy I ever made my daughter and this week marks her first year home. Carbon footprint analysis.
I get a platinum star for this toy. I did not have to drive, consume, or add waste to our planet.
Mother nature herself supplied me with all the needed components that otherwise would have been composted.

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