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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baking Felt Gingerbear Cookies


Tea and Cookies Anyone?

Gather your Ingredients

Eggs (see how to make in a later post)
Flour (find out how I made in this post)


Mix well and roll out your cookie dough

Cut two large oval shapes from two standard squares of  tan felt
Using a cookie cutter trace a bear template onto paper
Pin the template onto one felt oval and carefully cut out one bear
Repeat this step cutting out two more bears
On the next oval cut out three bears to match the "holes" cut on the first piece of felt 
Match up the two ovals, creating one item to sew, and pin well in several places.
Clean up your edges with scissors
Blanket stitch the outer edge of the oval(s) and the inner edges where your cookies were cut out
Use your paper template to cut four bears out of tan felt and four bears out of brown felt
(the bears you cut from the ovals will probably be in bad shape unless you have really good scissors)
Match one tan bear to one brown bear, clean up the edges with scissors to roughly match
Blanket stitch together and repeat with the other bears

Felt is pretty forgiving so don't stress if the edges of your cut shapes don't match perfectly before you sew

This will create a bear cookie with one "raw" side and one "cooked" side.

Place your cookies on a baking sheet


Set the timer and bake

Remove from the oven and cool

How To Make A Felt Bag of Flour

Machine sew a tube of felt
Turn inside out to hide your seam
Cut part of the paper lable from a real bag of flour
Reverse the lable and machine sew a tube
Turn the paper lable inside out (yes it can be done carefully)
Thread over the felt "sack"

View of the back

View of the bottom

Fold, cut and sew the bottom of the "sack" as pictured above
Cut a rectangle of thick cardstock to fit the bottom of your sack
Stuff into the bottom of your sack to create a stable base
Fill with the stuffing of your choice

In hindsight I would have stuffed the bottom the sack with something a little heavy to make it less tippy.

Sorry for such a poorly imaged tutorial but this project was done during the weeks I had no camera.  

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