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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upcycled Mushroom Chairs with Table

A Late Fall Unbirthday Party!
Two years ago a friend told me about an idea she saw in Family Fun Magazine. She knew it was in line with my creative, environmental, and thrifty ideals.

It was a simple project, the challenging part was aquiring the raw materials which took some time.  I needed some large logs, wooden salad bowls of a certain shape and two warm November days to take my workshop outdoors. 


Last fall I was gifted several nice cottonwood logs from our local FreeCycle.

I 've had all kinds of ideas on how to use them including outdoor play equiptment and large Waldorf blocks.

Logs are so versatile for imaginary play in both the home and the backyard.

First I cut them to the desired size and then I sanded them smooth and level.

I will use the bark for other projects in the workshop.

I used some basic acrylic paint and varnish to paint them.



Salad bowl number one was easy to find at a price of $5.00.

This well loved beauty took all summer and numerous trips to several thrift stores to find.
I knocked the base off with a hammer.

I had to sand and prep the bowls for painting, then drilled a small hole in the bottom.

I used spray paint for a glossy smooth finish.
(I really hate spray paint, for so many reasons, but sometimes it is the only option if you need a certain look)
You need a sunny calm day to have the paint set.

I cut circles from contact paper for the white spots.

At first I thought this was a brilliant time and sanity saving alternative to hand painting them.

It is really hard to prevent "air bubbles" on a curved surface though.

Just screw or nail your cap to the stem.
(I will do this for real later as I have to pack these for our move)

I will adhere the doily to make the tops less slippery.

I am debating whether to sink the stems into the dirt as now they are pretty top heavy.


I made the table and stools to go with my dumpster dive patio set.

I have had this iron table base for years. I found it next to a dumpster.

It took a long time to find the right top for it. I paid way too much money for this resin decorative piece at a thrift store.  It just needed some banner red spray paint.

The cost of the stools was $15.00 and two hours of time.

The cost of the table was just under $30.00.

This project is meant to pair up with these chairs which I found discarded by the curb.

They will have new "seats" and pillows by this coming summer for our new house.

You can see the rest of my patio decor on this post Thrift Store Tea Party.

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  1. Absolutely adorable...Those would look great at my house in the woods...

    Take care,

  2. These are so incredibly adorable! What a sweet party theme! Would love for you to visit me and link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty!

  3. Lesley - I simply adore this set! The stools are so clever!! Fantastic job! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. Wow! Those are lovely, I really like your mushroom seats!

  5. Love it! I've always wanted a little toadstool set.

  6. What a great project and it turned out beautifully! You did a fantastic job- Nice to meet you- I came to you via the Friday Table!

  7. magical! what a project- so well thoughtout. the kids must adore this! xo m.

  8. Your stools turned out great! I've been collecting wooden bowls at the sally ann for this project to and only need 1 more and I will finally have enough for my 3 kiddos :) Love the little doilies on top of them. What a cute touch for the party :)

  9. I have yet to make these but I linked up to them here