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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Easy Mom and Child Valentine's Crafts-Tutorials

Made from materials you already have at home 

Recycling the past

Treating those we love

It is never too late to train Martha Stewart's replacement!

Wax Paper Heart Garland

Montessori style have your child grate up several colors of wax crayons

Together cut up hearts and make confetti from tissue paper

Sprinkle crayon and tissue on large sheets of wax paper
Cover with a plain sheet and carefully move to your next work surface

In a safe spot mom irons the two sheets together to melt all the wax and cause a nice seal

A cookie cutter can be used to make a cardboard template to trace and cut out lots of wax hearts
Try to plan out how this will be done to waste as little material as possible
Leftovers can be used in lots of other projects like windows for cards.

Use a punch to create two small holes in the middle of each heart
String the hearts on a long thin ribbon
Glue pompoms on the center of each heart
Hang and enjoy the stained glass effect

You can make all kinds of holiday banners this way.
 Imagine red, white and blue crayons with tissue paper stars.

Victorian Shell Heart 

Trace and cut a heart from a very thick piece of cardboard
The backs of pads of paper work really well for this.
Make a small hole in the heart for hanging later 

Have your child paint the heart with some pink tempera or non-toxic acrylic paint

When dry, your child can paint the heart with a layer of Elmer's glue.
Children can place shells all over the surface of the heart
(be sure not to cover up the hole)
Other suggestions for materials are pasta in different shapes, small pinecones or seed pods, dried beans.

Together paint the edges and raised areas with a little non-toxic gold acrylic paint using a tiny brush or Q-tip
When dry glaze the heart with  a tiny amount of burnt umber paint and acrylic gloss varnish
Use a nice gold ribbon to hang your heart

In  the 1800's it was very common to collect shells, fossils and other natural objects for curio cabinets.
These were also glued onto  frames, mirrors, and furniture then gilded to look like the heart we just made.

Using much of the same process you could also just glue onto a heart any group of small objects you have sitting around the house.
These flowers were set aside for donation until KP and I decided to recyle them into door decor.
For this craft try pompoms, candy hearts. crumpled tissue paper etc.

Simple Treat Bags

I downloaded some vintage Valentine's Day cards from the internet.
I used a cookie cutter to trace and cut out lots of hearts

I wanted to buy genuine vintage cards from the antique store the other day but they were $6.00 each.
Why are all classroom Valentine's Day cards now based on mass media cartoon characters? It would be so nice to have other choices at the store. I miss the ones we punched out from sheets in kindergarden.

I glued two hearts back to back over a small craft clothespin.

Now I can fill inexpensive paper bags with cookies and close them up in a really sweet way.
Little Red Riding Hood will be making her rounds in the neighborhood very soon.

I hope this post provides you with lots of great inspiration for making crafts with your kids. There is no reason you can't make something beautiful, "green", and saved to pull out for next year-together with your child. Enjoy!   Lesley


  1. What wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for posting and giving me some idea of what to be gathering for our next craft session. I can't wait! Thank you for a superior alternative to the usual commercialized crap.

  2. Your crayon hearts turned out just lovely! And wonderful other ideas too! Thanks for linking!

  3. I featured you on Love Get Crafty today!


  4. So many lovely ideas here Lesley! I especially love the wax paper hearts and the treat bag pegs :)

  5. What do you mean by a "plain" sheet? Do you mean just another wax paper sheet? Or regular paper?

  6. Yes just two sheets of wax paper melted together.