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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mid Autumn Moon Festival 2013

The Mid Autumn Moon Festival is September 19th
This post will be short and sweet because I have more than my hands full right now. This is one of my favorite celebrations. If you want a full description of the festival and more ideas on how to celebrate it go to my post from last year LINK:                                                                .
This will explain all the symbolism around the Jade Rabbit, the moon, and round fruits.

This lovely lantern with a Jade Rabbit and full autumn moon was made by decoupaging small squares of white tissue paper onto an empty jar. We always do a lantern walk on the night of the Moon Festival.
You can use a battery powered tea light instead of a candle.

Hand drum with Jade Rabbit and Moons

Decorate two small paper plate.
Paint a few wooden beads.
Paint two popsicle sticks
Punch two holes into each paper plate, making sure they match and line up. 

Line up your holes and glue your paper plates together.

Thread your beads onto one length of ribbon, insert end into one set of holes and knot both ends. You want the ribbon to be long enough so that the beads hit the center of the plate. Repeat on the other side and with the other plate.

Glue one popsicle stick to the bottom of the plate. Repeat on the other plate making sure to match up the sticks so that you can glue them together later.

By rotating the wrist back n forth quickly you can make the beads play the drum. 

Paper Orange

Cut about 15  1/2 inch strips from colored paper. Each one should be about 4 inches long.
Align and stack all the strips together in order to punch a hole at the top and bottom of each one.
Keeping the strips stacked thread a pipe cleaner into the holes like the picture shown above.
Cut some leaves from colored paper and thread them onto the pipe cleaner at the top.
Twist the excess pipe cleaner into a "stem" at the top and a knot at the bottom.
Separate out the strips of paper into a fan shaped ball.

Several oranges can be used to decorate a table or strung as a garland.

Our family hopes you enjoy making these few art activities and that you have a very special evening celebrating the end of summer and blessings of home. CND

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  1. I love rabbits, so a jade rabbit being the centerpiece of this holiday is very appealing to me. :)